Windsurfing Lessons

Beginner ~
$75 per person
Lessons include equipment rental, wetsuit, booties, simulator and instruction.
Just bring your bathing suit and a towel!

Beginner II ~
Beachstarts, longboard jibe, fast tack

Intermediate ~
Harness, stance, higher wind

Intermediate II ~
Foot steering, footstraps, intro. to short board

Advanced ~

Advanced II ~
Jibes, stance, high-wind short board

All lessons are 2 hrs.
Lesson prices include equipment, wetsuit, booties and harness.
If you use your own equipment (excluding wetsuit,etc),deduct $25

Lessons and rentals by appointment. Please phone one day ahead.

Beginner lessons are scheduled at 10:00am and 1:30pm.
Intermediate and advanced lessons are best scheduled in the afternoon when wind has picked up.